Industrial 3D Printing for EOD




Package Includes :


  1. Large Format Ordnance Printer (Assembled)
  2. Onsite Setup and Training (Three Days)
  3. One Year Warranty 
  4. Lifetime Support 
  5. Filament Starter Pack (20 lbs)
  6. Maintenance Kit
  7. Spare Parts



Schedule of Events: 


Day 1: Printer and Software Setup


Lecture: The lecture is focused around the key printer hardware and the theory of operation for FDM printers 



  • Machine Setup/ Bed Leveling 
  • Slicer Familiarization 
  • Print 105 Shell 


Day 2: Fusion 360 Modeling


Lecture: The lecture is focused on operating Fusion 360 CAD for EOD Applications. 



  • Model Simple Enclosure 
  • Export STL File from Model 
  • Print Enclosure from STL


Day 3: Printer Maintenance


Lecture: This lecture will cover corrective and preventive maintenance procedures for the Large Format Ordnance Printer 



  • Clear Filament Jam
  • Replace Nozzle
  • Replace Faulty Stepper Motor 
  • Belt Maintenance 
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Topics 
  • Print TC-6 Mine with Functional Pressure Plate