Suspect Vehicles

Course Duration: (4 DAY) 32hrs


Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Safely, efficiently, and effectively clear all categories of suspect vehicles
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This 4-day – 32hr course teaches participants the skills to conduct a threat assessment, to correctly categorize a suspect vehicle, and plan an appropriate render safe procedure. Classroom instruction covers vehicle categories, vehicle-borne IEDs (VBIEDs), and threat assessment. Clearance procedures for each vehicle category are taught through tabletop and practical exercises. Students learns skills such as advanced use of hook and line, vehicle search techniques, and criminal methods of concealment.


Students spend 2 days applying knowledge gained in the classroom to practical scenarios for which they formulate threat assessments and execute render safe procedures. The course culminates in the development of remote large vehicle explosive disruptor procedures specifically tailored to the client’s C-IED equipment and a final scenario-based range exercise performed on the client’s demolition range in which participants deploy these large explosive tools in a live state. We tailor the course to the client’s equipment and environment.