Golden West AOTM

Golden West Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials (AOTM)

The Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials (AOTM) program is a comprehensive educational initiative designed to elevate the standard of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) training globally. Recognizing the critical need for high-quality, realistic training aids, AOTM focuses on the fundamental aspects of EOD education, particularly the functioning of ordnance fuzes, which is essential for assessing risks associated with ordnance handling.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Understanding of Fuze Mechanisms: AOTM addresses the complexities of ordnance fuze mechanisms, essential for effective risk assessment in EOD operations. The program offers detailed insights into various fuze types, including point-detonating, base-detonating, and those with piezoelectric elements, enhancing the EOD technicians’ ability to handle ordnance safely across different scenarios.
  • Global Reach and Adaptability: The program extends its resources globally, with a special focus on regions like Southeast Asia, where there is an ongoing need for developing long-term EOD capabilities. AOTM supports these regions by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to build sustainable indigenous EOD assets.
  • Comprehensive Training Aids: From inert ordnance replicas to sophisticated fuzing mechanisms, AOTM utilizes a variety of training aids to cater to diverse learning environments. These aids range from high-quality inert replicas, designed to withstand the rigors of EOD training, to digital and multimedia resources that enhance understanding and retention of critical information.
  • Hands-On and Interactive Learning: Emphasizing active learning, AOTM encourages hands-on interaction with training materials. This pedagogical approach allows students to engage directly with the materials, fostering a deeper understanding of mechanical functions and operational tactics.
  • Support for EOD Schools: Recognizing the challenges faced by EOD educational institutions, such as the need for improved facilities and updated curriculums, AOTM collaborates with schools to enhance their capacity through technical advice and advanced training materials.


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