Rules of Behavior for Users

This agreement outlines the acceptable and unacceptable uses of Improvised Electronics (IE) Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS). It also outlines the user’s responsibilities regarding stewardship and use of IT/IS and Security assets and capabilities if a login token is issued.

Scope: This agreement applies to anyone granted access to any IE IT/IS, including but not limited to: IE employees and personnel from Government Agencies (e.g., Federal, state,municipal, or tribal). All references to IT/IS monitoring herein pertain to data communications only (emails, facsimile, computer database use and data storage, digital transmission of data, etc.) and not to voice communications.

The user must consent to this agreement before access to any of IE IT/IS is granted. To remain compliant with applicable statutes, orders, regulations, and requirements, IE will update this agreement. It is your responsibility to maintain current knowledge of the IE IT/IS Rules of Behavior for Users.

Statement of Responsibility: I understand that I am to use IE systems for lawful, official use and authorized purposes. Even where granted access, I must only access the system files and information in furtherance of authorized EOD tasks or PSBT mission related-functions.

I swear and affirm that I am currently an active EOD Technician, Public Safety Bomb Technician, FBI SABT, or a direct government employee in a support role for those missions and also a graduate of NAVSCOLEOD or HDS.

Contractors are strictly forbidden access without express special permission, and only on a case-by-case basis. Contact for more information.

General: I am responsible for all activity on any IE IS that occurs on my individual account(s) once my logon credential or password has been used to logon. Users are strictly forbidden from the use or creation of a “group account”. I am responsible for all of my activity when I am logged on an IS associated with that account.

I also understand that this material, including all images, designs and downloads, is licensed to the government under a Government Use License. (Reference: FAR 27.7102-2(b)) Improvised Electronics retains all commercial rights to this information. By accessing this information you agree to not release or distribute any images, designs or other IE work product for any reason.
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