The Magic Cap System is designed to provide safe and realistic training. The system allows the user to safely integrate their IEDs, mines, and booby trap training devices with any of the simulators in this proposal. The Magic Cap transmitters are compatible with all training devices on the market and the receivers have both voltage and contact closure outputs to integrate with any simulator from any vendor and the MILES System. The Magic Cap Receiver has outputs to detonate all of the IE simulators. It also has a digital display that will display the address of the last 22 magic caps that were activated. This is useful for the instructor’s AAR.

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Improvised Electronics Magic Cap Transmitters are the closest thing to a real detonator available on the market. They have a very low input resistance like a real cap. The input circuit will not allow the cap to be activated until the requirements for commit time are met. This allows the users to run small amounts of current through magic caps to create “trap detonators” often found in terrorist devices. The Magic Cap is also suitable for energetic RSP and is fast enough to report a detonation even when interrogated with an explosive tool in EOD operations.


Magic cap system come with 6 caps.