Electronics Principles and Switch Diagnostics; Ohm’s Law Applied to IEDs



Class will be conducted in our San Diego Training Facility on the following dates:

  • 13AUG18 0800-1200
  • 27AUG18 0800-1200
  • 24SEP18 0800-1200
  • 08OCT18 0800-1200
  • 15OCT18 0800-1200
  • 05NOV18 0800-1200
  • 04FEB19 0800-1200

In this workshop, Students will

  • Understand the fundamentals of Electronic Theory as it relates to IED Electronics
    • The anatomy of an atom
    • Conductors and insulators
    • The relationship between voltage, current and resistance in DC Circuits
    • Series and parallel circuits
    • Ohm’s law
  • Identify the function of an electronic switch in a circuit
  • Describe how a switch works in an IED circuit
  • Identify the schematic symbol for switches
  • Use a soldering iron to prepare a switch for use in a breadboard
  • Demonstrate how to place components in a breadboard
  • Relate an electronic schematic to components on a breadboard


  1. Student Handouts
  2. Breadboard and relevant parts
  3. Certificate of Completion