Inert 105mm Shell



Inert 105mm Shell- Inert Ordnance that looks real to your Detector too!

The Inert 105mm Shell from Improvised Electronics is  a durable filled shell with high metal content for added weight and detector fidelity. This ordnance item is particularly popular with terrorists for making IEDs. Combine this inert ordnance with our IED Boards to make your own IED Training Aids. We want to help our customers whether they need us to build their devices or if they decide to do a custom job in their own shop to meet the ever changing threat. We will even sell you the file for this if you want to make it in your own shop. 


Our goal is to deliver high quality Inert Ordnance for use in military training without the high price ad low fidelity attached to some of these items. We have accomplished this in our Inert 105mm Shell by combing additive manufacturing and urethane molding material to achieve results that would have previously required expensive tooling. This allows us to do small runs on any ordnance type while having the capacity to deliver these units in quantity where needed. The metal content adds weight to avoid this terrible movie scene from happening on your training range.


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