MK-17X Blast Simulator


Blast Simulator for Military Training

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Blast Simulator- Best Value

The MK-17X blast simulator can be used to create explosive effects for mounted or dismounted training. The simulator can operate in multiple positions and can be buried or partially submerged. The simulator can be triggered locally, with the included long range remote, or with the Magic Cap System.
All of our IED Training Aids integrate with the simulators to create an immersive training environment with safe and realistic penalties.


The MK-17X acts as a repeater for RF commands sent to all IE simulator devices on your range. This creates a self forming wireless mesh network to ensure your remotes will actuate your device from the position that best suits your scenario. Our RF reliability is as close to hardwire reliability as it gets and can be extended for miles in all directions.


This blast simulator is powered by the Deluxe Simulator Board with RF and fully supported by our 2 year warranty.


This device is restricted to Government Sales Only.