Weekly Arduino Online Proctored Webinar




Weekly (Wednesday-Thursday) First Cohort 25-27 March


This online webinar is designed to give EOD Techs the minimum knowledge required to implement Arduino in their training scenarios. Students will load source code and configure hardware to produce EOD training devices that meet or exceed current industry offerings. This Course is restricted to Active EOD and PSBT at this time. All materials for this course must be purchased on Amazon and are not provided by Improvised Electronics. Affiliate links are provided below for your convenience. The Alarm Board from the EOD Maker Box 5.0 may also be used.


  • Arduino Starter Kit
  • Solder Shield (Optional) 
  • If you need tools you can get them here: EOD Tools and Kit 

Day 1: Programming Concepts and Arduino Applied to IEDs- 90 Minutes

Lecture: This lecture is focused on dividing and classifying the Arduino Boards and the initial setup of the Arduino IDE and libraries.



  • Install Arduino IDE and libraries.
  • Load Example Code


45 Minute Break

Lecture Digital Ports and Conditional Statements  90 Minutes 


  • Build Arduino Auto-Detect NO/NC IED with Auto Reset
  • Breadboard Hardware and Test


Day 2: Using the Analog Port for IED and Wire Attack Training 90 Minutes


Lecture: Voltage dividers and the analog Port 90 Minutes



  • Build Arduino Light Meter IED (from source code).

45 Minute Break


Lecture: Arduino Applied to Basic Alarm Theory 90 Minutes


  • Build Arduino Alarm Wire Attack Trainer IED (from source code).