Eagle CAD for EOD


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15 Students

Prerequisites- None

Schedule of Events: 

Day 1: Software Configuration and Library Install

Lecture: Instructor will guide students through the installation and configuration of their Eagle CAD software. Only the portions of the software that matter to EOD will be configured. Students will install and configure Improvised Electronics Eagle Managed Library. 


  • Software Install
  • Library Install 
  • Schematic and Board Layout Tutorial  
Day 2: Schematic Editor

Lecture: The lecture is focused effective use of the schematic editor to input designs into Eagle. 


  • Reproduce schematic in Eagle from TEDAC Report
  • Create Custom Circuit from Specification


Day 3: Layout Editor

Lecture: This lecture will cover methods for laying out PCBs in the layout view. The instructor will walk students through best practices for reducing PCB costs and designing for manufacture. 


  • Single-Sided PCB Layout
  • Double-Sided PCB Layout
Day 4: CAM Processor

Lecture: This lecture will cover methods for creating the files required to produce PCBs in-house and also at board houses.   


  • Export designs for board house production  
  • Export designs for in house production 


Day 5: Capstone Project 



  • Create an RCIED using a Lora radio and an ATMEL 328p microcontroller. 




  • Eagle License for each student 
  • Parts kit for parts library 

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Virtual MTT, Onsite MTT